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How to Get Her Back — For Good

General Ideas for Re-working Your Break Up

Whispering Alluring Sweet Everything’s

Time to Walk the Talk

Pampering Your Princess

Re-invent Your Sex Life

Customize Your Own Version of Jamie Oliver’s / Michael Webb’s “Naked Chef”  

Make Up Date Night at Home

Lip O’ Seduction

Making Up After Breaking Up

Making Up Ideas

Making Out After “Break-Up Make Up”

It Take Two to Tango

Take a Sensual Cooking Class for Two

Road Trips and Picnics

Looking Into the Mirror of Your Relationship

The SWOT Method of Getting Her Back

Volunteer to Get Your Ex Back

Win Her Back With a Letter

Reinvent Yourself

Yummy Yoga for Two

Time for Tantra

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 

Your Manner of Approach 

The Right Questions


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