Lip O’ Seduction

You’ve got her to agree to going on a make up date with you but you are both aware of the need to the trust between the two of you to be rebuilt.  So it’s time to take it slow.  Agree on the limitations between the two of you upfront so there is no misunderstanding because believe you me, when you have finished with your lips, she’ll be begging for it!

Okay so agreement at hand, decision to take it slow right! However taking it slow doesn’t necessarily mean just holding hands.  You’d be surprised as to how erotic, exciting and anticipatory restricting your physical contact can actually be.

There are many types or sorts of kissing that dangle on a continuum that ranges from foreplay to after play like a g-string on a wash line.  These kisses range from playful kisses like the chocolate kiss to the cold, peeled grapes kiss.  Have I got your attention now?

The Kama Sutra lists 19 different types of kisses, but now is your time to invent more!  Pay attention to the areas of her body you have neglected before.  Just because you are kissing her doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to her lips.  Why don’t you pay lavish attention to her legs, working your way along her legs, always remembering your self-control.  Start at her little toes, to the top of her leg, then back down to her ankles, knees and so on, occasionally blowing against the back of her legs, alternating between hard and lighter breaths.  This technique is sure to leave her begging for more!

There is also the Chocolate Kiss.  What women wouldn’t enjoy this one?  It’s always best to use a smooth, creamy chocolate that melts easily in your mouth. The smoother the better, obviously!  Once the chocolate starts to melt, kiss her and twirl your tongues around hers.

One could also use hard but small pieces of candy, mix up the colors and try and guess at the different flavors, the fun part being trying to steal her bits of candy as she does yours.

Other creative contributors to “sweet kisses” are caramel, strawberries and cream, which involve the seductive licking of spoons, feeding one another strawberries, exchanging the strawberries with the whipping cream between each other’s mouth.

Champagne or fizzy drink can provide a different sensation so the more fizz, the better. When you are ready to kiss her, take a sip and keep some in your mouth, dribble some into your partners’ mouth gently so that you share more than spill into one another’s mouth.

Okay, so we’ve spoken about lips, but what’s inside the lips besides the tongue are the teeth.  Now that’s an interesting thought.  Starting slowly, simply graze parts of her body as you kiss her, using the edges of your teeth almost like fingernails, or as you would your tongue, lightly tickling her shoulders, arms and hands. Suck on each one of her fingers and, as you remove them from your mouth, softly apply pressure using your teeth.

If she enjoyed this, try lightly biting the back of her neck or other body parts in between passionate kissing.  Don’t overdo it and remember, when you feel you are going to lose control – STOP!  Your agreement was to take it slow, to build trust and I can assure you, by the time the next date night arrives, she will be ready to jump your bones!

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the founder of “Getting Her Back… for Good” and has taught 1000s of men all over the world how to recover their lost love. He details his steps and valuable advice at Getting Her Back.