Making Up After Breaking Up

Out on the Town – Restaurants

If the two of you enjoyed eating out when it was working and she has given you the benefit of the doubt with a second chance, then spice up your dates by visiting different restaurants around town.  It is always exciting to try different cultural foods and different venues.  However, the two of you have always enjoyed a specific restaurant, use it to your advantage when you go on the romantic make up date. If you know that your she enjoys drinking a specific red wine at the restaurant, phone ahead and ask that the wine be ready at the table when the two of you arrive. Remember – Romance, particularly making up romance  is the reason behind this action – like your mother told you, “it’s the thought that counts,” and little things like this can make her feel extra-special and that you have changed.

Out on the Town – Fast Food

Okay so not everyone can afford to eat out and although it might not be healthy, fast food really tastes good! And eating it once in a while won’t kill you.   You don’t need to spend a fortune to impress her but you do need to show that you have spent time and thought and that you are genuine in your quest to apologize, prove to her that you have changed and that you appreciate her.  Order the things you love the most and then find your old/new romantic spot, spread a blanket, sit on a wall or just sit in the car and watch the sun set whilst you feast.  Once the tummies are full, it is easier to engage in conversation particularly if an apology is due.  Surprise her with a pre-planned “take out” or “store bought” dessert – her favorite.  She will not be expecting this and will be touched at your consideration.

Fast food is also a good way to organize a picnic in a hurry. For example: If your partner has had a really long day at work, and doesn’t feel like cooking dinner, pack a picnic blanket in the car and take them to their favorite fast food joint. You can then take the blanket down to the beach or a local park (where it’s safe) and enjoy a relaxing picnic together. If safety is a concern, set up the picnic in your garden at home. If the weather is not suitable, picnic in your lounge in front of the fireplace and roast some marshmallows together.

These ideas are simple, affordable and yet show that you are sincere, contrite and have a “romantic” buried deep inside you somewhere just waiting to “burst” out. 

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the founder of “Getting Her Back… for Good” and has taught 1000s of men all over the world how to recover their lost love. He details his steps and valuable advice at Getting Her Back.