Pampering Your Princess

Tips on Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend or Wife Back 

Not one woman can resist the offer of a pamper session particularly if you choose the location and theme with “reconciliation in mind”.  If you are serious about getting her back then you need to invest a little time researching a health and wellness club or spa close enough to your home town that allows for a drive of “mystique”.  By this I mean that once you have located the ideal location, set up the romantic spa for two setting in a private room, with hot tubs, and all the trimmings to boot, then you need to “entice” her to give you this one “last” chance and ask her to trust you as you blindfold her prior to driving to the location.  Of course, you would have notified the Spa / Wellness centers all that you are planning for your romantic rendezvous.

This will build up immense anticipation over and above earning you brownie points for all the effort you have gone to.  Also depending on the weather, time of year etc, you can choose an array of treatments for the two of you ranging from sensuous back and body massages under the blue skies besides the lapping water of the plunge pools, or the heated pools and steam rooms.  Whatever the location, the backdrop of mountains, beaches, forests, vineyards etc, all play part of the important intended affect of romance and serious intentions.

It is important to leave the full body and head massages for last and that you each have a glass of champagne or wine prior to these massages.  This allows for a little relaxation and lowers any defenses that may still be lurking despite the relaxing environment.  Once you have had a little bubbly or wine, then showing a sign of sexy strength, take her hand and lead her to the massage tables. (Obviously you need to find out where they are before hand so you don’t look like an idiot when you get lost).

Ensure you ask the massage therapists to use only the sensuous, relaxing essential massage oils and you need to overwhelm all 5 of her senses.  Whilst the two of you are lying on your stomachs with your faces down, you must warm your hands with the same heated sensuous oil and take over from the masseuse.  Obviously you are going to have a few little tips prior to doing this so that she doesn’t guess that it is you massaging her straight away.  It is important to start at her feet, slowly, no matter how tempted you are at this point because you will find this procedure highly arousing.  You continue in a “professional” relaxing way for a while and then you start to subtly modify the massages into a more personal, erotic technique without overstepping the mark or becoming invasive.  As this point you start to make your way towards her upper body and massage her shoulders and neck area.  At this point, the two of you should be alone in the secluded massage/pamper area and after you have gently and seductively massaged her neck area, you must whisper into her ear, asking her to turn around and face you.  The combination of the relaxing oils, massage and effort that you have gone to, should allow her to be highly receptive of your apology as you ask her for another chance.  At this point you need to emphasize how by creating this unforgettable experience for her, your intentions are sincere as is your apology.  How could she resist?

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