Re-invent Your Sex Life

Tips on Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend or Wife Back 

 Ok so you have got her to agree to a “make up date”, your heartfelt and sincere apology has been accepted, she has agreed to give you one more chance and finally, the cherry on top – has accepted your suggestion of “coffee” at your place.

Moving on from that first “reunion” date, take time for each other whenever possible. Get the idea out of your heads that sex must happen at night in the bedroom.  Pretend you are teenagers dating and if you get the opportunity to be intimate with your partner, take it!

Take time out to be romantic again as if you were in the first stages of your relationship.  Do all the things you used to take for granted before like opening the car door for her, sending her flowers or surprising her with her favorite meal, delivered in person at lunch time or spontaneously arrive with the meal on her doorstep. It’s the little things that count.

We all know that women are hard to read, saying no when they mean yes, saying they are fine when they’re not and cry for just about any reason under the sun – so approach with caution, listen to what she is saying because they always provide subtle hints to what it is they really do what.

Keep your promises, especially if you have let her down before and whilst you don’t have to promise them the world, if you say you are going to call her back straight away then make sure you do.  It is so important to keep your word.  You have let her down with trust before, so if you don’t prove your trust with an issue as small as this, rest assured, there is no chance of gaining it in other more important areas.
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