Road Trips and Picnics

Banquet on a Blanket for Two

There is something to be said about leaving the city behind, getting away for a day, enjoying whatever beautiful views nature offers you, stuffing yourself silly and then lay back with a glass of wine or whatever liquid takes your fancy. When the sun is shining there’s only one thing to do…and that is, go on a picnic.  Now picnics are not only good for the happily involved but they are essential when trying to win her back!  Obviously the weather plays an important part but remember, you can picnic both indoors and outdoors.  All it takes is a little creative imagination.

The Romantic Picnic
Most importantly you must find a place that’s sheltered from the wind yet has a lovely view. Set the scene with candles or lanterns, and your loved one (yes her) will be eating out of the palm of your hand! For dinner include:

·        Fresh, organic vegetables such as baby carrots, cucumber fingers, baby sweet corn, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and serve with dips such as guacamole, hummus or chopped tomato in cottage cheese, suggests planning and preparation and you can grill the vegetables beforehand for something a little different.

·        Cold meats with cheeses such as Camembert and Brie also work well as snacks. The cheese can also be eaten with fruit or crackers.

·        It’s always a good idea to stick to finger foods for romantic picnics; this way you can feed each other.

·        For something more substantial, make a variety of wraps with cottage cheese and pineapple filling; and pita bread with stuffed with tuna salad, feta and avocado, or feta and carrot.

·        A bottle of wine or bubbly makes it a special occasion, but remember to first check whether alcohol is allowed at your picnic spot of choice — and pack two of your prettiest glasses for the occasion.

·        Round off your rendezvous with some decadent dark chocolate-tipped strawberries. 

Although it seems as though this is a daunting task, and it really doesn’t have to be.  A little planning beforehand can make you look like a pro and what better way to impress her than if you can honestly tell her you prepared it yourself.  Certain foods are easy and quick to prepare such as cheese and crackers, muffins, grapes, strawberries (these always score big points for the romantic), chips and dips etc., always work well. Throw in a bottle of wine or some champagne or if going for something non-alcoholic – a chilled fresh fruit juice. When organizing your picnic basket the utensils you bring with are very important. Make sure you also pack enough blankets and pillows for extra comfort.
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