Take a Sensual Cooking Class for Two

There is no doubt that food is seduction and that all luscious sexual inferences and allusions litter the bed-sheets of gastronomy.  Yes we all know that it’s purportedly via the stomach that we aim for his or her heart – and as we are winning her back, the more delectable region of her anatomy.

So we are talking provocative cuisine – or even better yet, cooking classes just for two.  In case you hadn’t heard, cookbooks have become the new erotica. We all know sex sells, but combining sex and food.  Ooh la la! This is where you come in.

You extend an invitation to your kitchen goddess keeping in mind the image of her naked, wearing an apron only, licking that spoon.  The fact that the spoon is Freudian metaphor is just the tip of the iceberg, or should I say, the “icing on the cake”.

A little imagination, a trip to the costume hire store or even the store that sells aprons and chef hats, a downloaded menu that is simple, seductive and easy to follow, a well orchestrated trip to the grocer to ensure you have all the ingredients, the accompanying wine, a pre-laid table, seductive music and soft lighting and you are ready.

Upon her arrival at the door, you hand her the apron and chef’s hat and you ensure that the entire “gastronomic” experience is a subtle blend of seductive fun.  Flirt with her the entire time, maintain eye contact, drop subtle innuendos particularly if using phallic type foods such as carrots, cucumbers, sausages, bananas…etc.  A few “French” names, for example “poisson en croute avec” thrown in for effect can be far more seductive than the English equivalent of “stodgy fish pie” or ”mash and peas” for that matter.  If her fingers are dribbled in batter, sauce or anything edible, take her fingers and lovingly lick them, sucking gently whilst gazing into her eyes.  She should feel the effect of this from head to toe.

When passing her, stretching for utensils, putting aside the dirty dishes, make sure you are constantly in contact with her body, occasionally kiss her ear, her neck, nibble her ear lobe, gently caress her buttocks,  so that you entire physical being is seducing her whilst the two of you are standing apart.  If you persist with this lavish attention, you’ll find her inner oven ready for baking long before the starters have been served and she is more than willing to nibble on your “banana surprise”.


Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the founder of “Getting Her Back… for Good” and has taught 1000s of men all over the world how to recover their lost love. He details his steps and valuable advice at Getting Her Back.